Why Should the Community Support HMPA Inc.?  


"Jeanette Greenwood"

"I am so EXCITED 

about our upcoming 2019 Acting classes!"

Does you or your child deal with shyness?  Would you love to see you or your child comfortable speaking in front of an audience?

It's never too late!

Award Winning Writer, Director, Filmmaker & Producer Jeanette Greenwood, will be teaching what she knows best...IMPROV, SCRIPT & CHARACTER ANALYSIS! 

If you ever wanted to act and not sure if you have what it takes, come out to the fun-filled classes and learn!  Jeanette teaches with such excitement and encouragement to all eager to learn. 

The classes are 1 hour classes.

  • 30 minute | Lecture
  • 30 minute | Improv Exercises 

You will Learn...

  • Using your imagination
  • Allow it to flow naturally and  flow with your scene partner
  • Remember to work as a team
  • Know your script (Analysis)
  • Know your character (Analysis)
  • Making mistakes (Is it okay?)
  • Know your character and the relationship
  • Theater Games
  • Scenarios
  • Do's & Don'ts of Improv
  • Stage Direction
  • Body Position 
  • Acting on Stage
  • Acting on Film
  • How to get an Agent?

You will Receive...

  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • Certification of Completion
  • Audition Leads
  • iMDB Registration 
  • Workbook
  • 12 month mentoring

$75 Registration Fee 
| $100 per month 

All classes are taught by Jeanette Greenwood in which she donates 100% of her services (proceeds) to HMPA Inc.

WE WON!!!  Congratulations "Den of Artists" Peer Pressure Film! 
1st Place & Grand Prize Winners in the

2018 Teen VideoFest Contest!  

Film "Den of Artists"  focusing on Peer Pressure
makes NBC DFW Channel 5 News!

Our Director Celebrity Encounter

Life of our C.E.O.- Jeanette Greenwood


2018 Film Play - When My Heart Stopped was a great success!
Special Guest- Ms. KeKe Wyatt 

Film Play "When My Heart Stopped was a huge success!

Celebrity Guest KeKe Wyatt did an awesome job performing. Film Director & Writer Jeanette Greenwood enjoyed working with the cast of "When My Heart Stopped".


Ronald Clemons

Desiree King

Michelle Thomas

Kingston Jackson

This production brought out people from all walks of life. We want to thank all the Grief Therapists that joined and we look forward to seeing more from this production.

For bookings please email us at bookings@headlinementors.com

The Audience Response to "WHEN MY HEART STOPPED" 

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Acting is not about being famous, it's about exploring the human soul. 

                    Annette Bening


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